Monday, 22 August 2011


These are lyrics I wrote quite some time ago, I hope you like them:

Human capacity,
Our processes and life,
all replaced by technology,
The artificial is overwhelming,
My soul will burn for more,

Machine encompasses all,
personality replaced,
all our lives,
at the mercy of technology,
nothing is real,

They think they can take our lives,
We must remain in control,
if machines become smart,
society will crumble,
our legacy will end

Without our passion,
And without our emotion,
We are no longer human,
So hold on to what makes us driven,
and retain your full control.


  1. deep stuff. technology at an emotional level

  2. These are good lyrics. I first thought this post was about the video game Singularity lol

  3. I enjoy independet or private art. Good job, pal. Keep up the decent work.

  4. Very technologically savvy written. Nice.